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Volunteer - Friend of Petraits - Animal Rescue

Volunteering for Friends of Petraits Rescue

Fostering, Transporting, and Fundraising

There are a few reasons we love having our adoptable pets in foster care. It allows us to learn more about a pet in a different home situation, it keeps the animal safe, loved and cared for while they are waiting for a medical procedure, decompressing after intake, or if someone is contemplating another pet but isn’t ready move forward until they know it’s a good fit.

We try our best to match up the pet with family situations taking into account other pets, children, apartment, condo, house or townhouse.

Fostering Time Period

Our foster period is typically two weeks. After that time the pet is promoted for adoption by the Friends of Petraits rescue or can be adopted by the foster family.

There are some exceptions to extend the timing for foster care, those include harder to place animals, animals needing medical treatment and/or training.

Transporting Animals

Sometimes we need help with transport. That means we need volunteers who are able to pick up an animal and one location and drive it to another location for drop off. 



We are always looking for people to help raise donations to cover medical care and other related expenses for our animals. We are licensed by the US Department of Agriculculture as well as an IRS tax exempt 501c3. All donations to Friends of Petraits are tax exempt.